10 Best Android Tablets To Buy in 2024

In a tech landscape dominated by smartphones and laptops, the enduring appeal of tablets persists in 2024. Tablets are not just a convenient bridge between devices; they are powerful machines in their own right. While the best iPads often take center stage, our focus today is on the equally impressive world of Android tablets.

In this exploration of the best Android tablets of 2024, we’ll navigate through a diverse range of options, from budget-friendly companions to powerhouse contenders challenging laptops. These devices are not just tools; they are companions tailored to meet your needs, whether it’s seamless productivity, immersive entertainment, or a bit of both.

Join us as we unravel the unique features and capabilities that make these tablets stand out.

10 Best Android Tablets

1. OnePlus Pad

OnePlus, renowned for its cutting-edge smartphones, entered the tablet arena with a bang in 2024, unveiling the OnePlus Pad. Breaking the mold with its bold design and vibrant display, this Android tablet aims to carve its niche in a market dominated by well-established contenders. Boasting a high-refresh-rate LCD screen, powerful MediaTek Dimensity 9000 chipset, and a suite of accessories, the OnePlus Pad beckons users seeking a balance between style and performance.


  • Display: 11.61-inch LCD, 2800 x 2000 pixels, 144Hz refresh rate
  • Processor: MediaTek Dimensity 9000, ARM G710 GPU
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Storage: 128GB
  • Battery: 9,510mAh, supports up to 67W charging
  • Cameras: 13MP rear camera, 8MP selfie camera
  • Operating System: OxygenOS 13 (based on Android 13)

OnePlus Pad

Best Android Tablets 1

  • Brand: OnePlus
  • Storage: 128 GB
  • Size: 11.6 Inches
  • Operating System: Android

Pros 👍

  • Bold and unique design
  • Vibrant LCD display with up to 144Hz refresh rate
  • Fast performance with MediaTek Dimensity 9000
  • Three years of Android upgrades
  • Impressive battery life and fast charging support
  • OxygenOS 13 offers a smooth user experience
  • Comes with accessories like a Magnetic Keyboard and OnePlus Stylo

Cons 👎

  • Low-quality cameras
  • Odd placement of the rear camera
  • Some software quirks

In the realm of Android tablets, the OnePlus Pad emerges as a compelling choice, marrying aesthetics with functionality. The high-refresh-rate display brings content to life, complemented by the powerhouse Dimensity 9000 chipset. While the cameras may not steal the show, the tablet’s focus on performance, extended battery life, and thoughtful accessories positions it as a valuable contender in the ever-evolving tablet landscape. Whether for work or play, the OnePlus Pad stakes its claim as a versatile companion in the digital realm.

2. Lenovo Tab P11 Pro Gen 2

Lenovo’s commitment to the tablet market shines through with the Tab P11 Pro Gen 2, a device that effortlessly combines style and functionality. With its slim and lightweight aluminum build and a dual-tone design, this tablet is a testament to Lenovo’s dedication to aesthetics and portability.


  • Display: 11.2-inch 2.5K OLED screen, 2560 x 1536 resolution, 120Hz refresh rate
  • Processor: Snapdragon 439
  • RAM: Up to 6GB
  • Storage: Options include 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB
  • Battery: Great battery life
  • Cameras: Front camera positioned on the horizontal edge, offering a better angle for video calls
  • Audio: Quad speaker system with support for Dolby Atmos

Lenovo Tab P11 Pro

Best Writing Tablets

  • Brand: Lenovo
  • Model: Lenovo Tab P11 Pro
  • Storage Capacity: 256 GB
  • Screen Size: 11.2 Inches
  • Operating System: Android

Pros 👍

  • Slim and lightweight aluminum build
  • Beautiful 2.5K OLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate
  • Impressive quad speaker system with Dolby Atmos support
  • Great battery life
  • Front camera placement ideal for video calls

Cons 👎

  • Front camera quality is not impressive
  • Uses Android 12, Android 12L update coming later
  • Only up to 6GB of RAM

The Lenovo Tab P11 Pro Gen 2 stands out with its sleek design and captivating display. The tablet’s quad-speaker system elevates the audio experience, making it a delightful choice for multimedia enthusiasts. However, limitations like the average front camera quality and the delayed Android 12L update slightly mar the overall package. Nevertheless, the Tab P11 Pro Gen 2 remains a commendable choice for those seeking a blend of style and functionality in their tablet experience.


3. Onyx Boox Tab Ultra

If you’re captivated by the idea of an e-ink tablet, the Onyx Boox Tab Ultra might just be your perfect match. While it comes with certain drawbacks inherent to e-ink technology, the device offers some remarkable advantages, particularly in the realm of battery life and display readability.


  • Display: 10.3-inch e-ink screen with a matte finish
  • Processor: Fast performance, suitable for an e-ink device
  • Battery: Excellent battery life, measured in weeks
  • Accessories: Comes with a stylus; keyboard sold separately

BOOX Tablet Tab Ultra C Pro

Best Android Tablets 2

  • Brand: Boox
  • Model: Tab Ultra C Pro
  • Screen Size: 10.3 Inches
  • Operating System: Android

Pros 👍

  • Large anti-glare display with a matte finish
  • Fast performance for an e-ink device
  • Phenomenal battery life measured in weeks
  • Comes with a stylus
  • Brilliant keyboard case available (sold separately)

Cons 👎

  • Expensive
  • Keyboard is sold separately

The Onyx Boox Tab Ultra caters to a niche audience fascinated by e-ink technology. The grayscale display might not appeal to those accustomed to vibrant colors, but the battery life measured in weeks is a noteworthy trade-off. While it may lack the multimedia prowess of conventional tablets, the Onyx Boox Tab Ultra shines in its primary role as a large e-book reader. The inclusion of a stylus and the option for a keyboard case further enhance its versatility for readers and writers alike. If you’re seeking a tablet primarily for reading and writing, with the added benefit of extended battery life, the Onyx Boox Tab Ultra deserves serious consideration.

4. Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra

For power users seeking the epitome of Android tablet excellence, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra is a compelling choice. This flagship device boasts a colossal 14.6-inch OLED display, a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, and a plethora of features that position it as a strong contender in the tablet market.


  • Display: 14.6-inch OLED screen, 1848 x 2960 pixel resolution, 120Hz refresh rate
  • Processor: Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy
  • Storage: Available in 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB options
  • Battery: 11,200mAh for extended usage
  • Cameras: 13MP (wide) + 8MP (ultrawide) rear cameras, 12MP + 12MP front cameras

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra

Best Writing Tablets

  • Brand: Samsung
  • Model: S9 Ultra
  • Storage: 256 / 512 GB
  • Screen Size: 14.6 Inches
  • Operating System: Android

Pros 👍

  • Samsung multitasking outshines competitors
  • Gorgeous display with blazing performance
  • Surprisingly good value compared to iPad Pro
  • High-capacity battery for extended usage

Cons 👎

  • Comparable in price to a MacBook Air (M2)
  • Faster charging would have been a welcome addition
  • Flimsy keyboard and no convenient S Pen storage

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra is the epitome of Android tablet innovation, designed for users who demand the very best in performance and features. Its multitasking capabilities surpass competitors, and the stunning display, coupled with robust performance, makes it an ideal choice for both work and entertainment. While the premium price tag may give pause, the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra justifies its cost by offering a laptop-replacement experience with an Android flavor.


5. Google Pixel Tablet

The Google Pixel Tablet brings the renowned Pixel aesthetic to the tablet arena, offering a distinctive design that mirrors its smart home counterparts. While the tablet may not boast the most cutting-edge specifications, its unique features and integration with the Google ecosystem make it a compelling choice for those immersed in the Googleverse.


  • Display: 10.95-inch screen, 1600 x 2560 pixel resolution
  • Processor: Tensor G2
  • Storage: Available in 128GB and 256GB options
  • Battery: 7,020mAh for extended usage
  • Cameras: 8MP rear camera, 8MP front camera

Google Pixel Tablet

Best 10 Inch Tablets 3

  • Brand: Google
  • Model: Google Pixel Slate
  • Storage Capacity: 16 GB
  • Screen Size: 12.3 Inches
  • Operating System: Android

Pros 👍

  • Great value for a tablet and speaker dock combo
  • Home screen controls are useful and improving
  • Excellent sound for immersive audio experience

Cons 👎

  • Android interface feels like a phone OS adapted for a tablet
  • Soft-touch back attracts dirt and fingerprints
  • Smaller than the ’11-inch’ marketing suggests

The Google Pixel Tablet, with its sleek design and integration capabilities, offers a unique proposition in the Android tablet market. While its specifications may not outshine some competitors, the tablet excels in delivering an immersive audio experience and handy home screen controls. For users deeply entrenched in the Google ecosystem, the Pixel Tablet, with its thoughtful integration and competitive pricing, emerges as a strong contender in the tablet landscape.

6. Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 caters to users seeking an affordable yet feature-rich Android tablet from the reliable Samsung stable. With a focus on delivering a great display, expandable memory, and an attractive price point, the Galaxy Tab A8 positions itself as an accessible option for various tablet needs.


  • Display: 10.5-inch screen, 1200 x 1920 resolution
  • Processor: Unisoc Tiger T618 (12 nm)
  • Storage: Options include 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB, expandable up to 1TB
  • Battery: 7040 mAh for extended usage
  • Cameras: 8MP rear camera, 5MP front camera

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

Best Tablets With USB Ports

  • Brand: Samsung
  • Model: Galaxy Tab A8
  • Storage Capacity: 32 GB
  • Screen Size: 10.5 Inches
  • Operating System: Android

Pros 👍

  • Affordable price point
  • Great display for multimedia consumption
  • Expandable memory up to 1TB for ample storage

Cons 👎

  • Software may experience crashes
  • Slow charging compared to some competitors

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 strikes a balance between affordability and functionality, making it an ideal choice for budget-conscious consumers. Its vibrant display and expandable memory contribute to an enjoyable multimedia experience, although users might encounter occasional software hiccups. For those in search of a wallet-friendly tablet that doesn’t compromise on core features, the Galaxy Tab A8 stands out as a reliable and accessible option.

7. Lenovo Yoga Tab 13

The Lenovo Yoga Tab 13 is a unique offering in the Android tablet market, blending conventional design with innovative features. With a built-in stand reminiscent of the Microsoft Surface Pro and a large 13-inch display, this tablet caters to users who prioritize versatility and audio quality.


  • Display: 13.0-inch screen, 1350 x 2160 pixel resolution
  • Processor: Snapdragon 870 for capable performance
  • Storage: 256GB for ample storage
  • Battery: 10,200mAh for extended usage
  • Cameras: 8MP front camera

Lenovo Yoga Tab 13

Best Android Tablets 3

  • Brand: Lenovo
  • Model: Yoga Tab
  • Storage Capacity: 128 GB
  • Screen Size: 13 Inches
  • Operating System: Android

Pros 👍

  • Useful built-in stand for various viewing angles
  • Fantastic speaker quality for an immersive audio experience

Cons 👎

  • Design may limit compatibility with cases
  • Lack of a rear camera
  • Cases are challenging to use with the tablet

The Lenovo Yoga Tab 13 stands out with its innovative design and features that prioritize usability. The built-in stand offers flexibility for different use cases, and the tablet’s large display complements its audio capabilities, making it an excellent choice for media consumption. While the absence of a rear camera may deter photography enthusiasts, the Yoga Tab 13 excels in its intended purpose of providing a versatile and immersive tablet experience.

8. Lenovo Tab Extreme

For users seeking a tablet with expansive display real estate and robust performance, the Lenovo Tab Extreme emerges as a noteworthy option. Boasting a stunning 3K OLED display and a powerful Mediatek Dimensity 9000 chip, this tablet is designed to meet the demands of productivity and entertainment.


  • Display: Beautiful 14.5-inch 3K OLED screen with HDR10+ and Dolby Vision
  • Processor: Mediatek Dimensity 9000 for capable performance
  • Storage: 12GB RAM and 256GB storage for ample space
  • Battery: 12,300mAh for extended usage
  • Cameras: 13MP main camera, 5MP ultrawide depth sensor, 13MP front-facing camera

Lenovo Tab Extreme

Best Large Screen Tablets

  • Brand: Lenovo
  • Storage Capacity: 256 GB
  • Screen Size: 14.5 Inches
  • Operating System: Android

Pros 👍

  • Stunning 3K OLED display for vibrant visuals
  • Immersive speakers for an exceptional audio experience
  • Comes with a stylus for precision tasks
  • Two USB-C ports for enhanced connectivity
  • Capable performance with the Mediatek Dimensity 9000

Cons 👎

  • Size can be unwieldy for some users
  • Magnets on the back for the stylus may not be the most secure
  • Some multitasking quirks may be present

The Lenovo Tab Extreme caters to users who prioritize a large, high-quality display and robust performance in their tablet. With features like a stylus, immersive speakers, and dual USB-C ports, it offers a comprehensive package for both productivity and entertainment. While the size may be a consideration for some, the tablet’s impressive specifications and value make it a compelling choice in the Android tablet landscape.

9. Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus

The Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus, positioned as the best small Android tablet, offers a blend of affordability and unique features. With an 8-inch display, this tablet caters to users seeking a compact device that doesn’t compromise on functionality. The Fire HD 8 Plus distinguishes itself with wireless charging capabilities and the potential to transform into a smart display with an optional dock.


  • Display: 8-inch screen, 880 x 1280 resolution
  • Processor: Quad-core for reliable performance
  • Storage: Options include 32GB and 64GB
  • Battery: Up to 12 hours for extended usage
  • Cameras: 2MP rear camera, 2MP front camera

Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus

Best 8 Inch Tablets

  • Brand: Amazon
  • Model: Fire HD 8 Plus
  • Storage: 32 / 64 GB
  • Screen Size: 8 Inches
  • Operating System: Android

Pros 👍

  • Wireless charging for added convenience
  • Dual functionality as a smart display with an optional dock

Cons 👎

  • Screen quality may not be top-tier
  • Performance may not match high-end tablets

The Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus caters to users prioritizing portability and affordability. With unique features like wireless charging and smart display capabilities, it stands out in the small tablet category. While it may not compete with high-end tablets in terms of performance, its cost-effectiveness and versatile functionality make it a compelling choice for users seeking a budget-friendly Android tablet.

10. Amazon Fire Max 11

The Amazon Fire Max 11 presents itself as a no-nonsense tablet with a simple yet functional design. Sporting an 11-inch screen with a 2000 x 1200 pixel resolution, this tablet excels in delivering a great video-watching experience. While its design may not make a bold statement, its flat and lightweight build ensures easy portability, making it a practical choice for users on the go.


  • Display: 11-inch screen, 2000 x 1200 pixel resolution
  • Processor: MediaTek MT8188 octa-core for reliable performance
  • Storage: Options include 32GB and 64GB
  • Battery: 10-hour-plus battery life for extended usage
  • Cameras: Basic camera setup with a rear and front camera

Amazon Fire Max 11

Best Android Tablets 4

  • Brand: Amazon
  • Model: Amazon Fire Max 11
  • Storage: 64 / 128 GB
  • Screen Size: 11 Inches
  • Operating System: Android

Pros 👍

  • Great screen for video with natural colors and rich blacks
  • Comfortable keyboard for typing
  • Impressive 10-hour-plus battery life
  • Useful kickstand case for versatile usage

Cons 👎

  • Sparse app store may limit app choices
  • Slow charging may require patience

The Amazon Fire Max 11 may not boast flashy features, but its simplicity and functionality make it a reliable companion for users seeking a tablet for daily tasks. With a focus on video quality, a comfortable keyboard, and a useful kickstand case, it offers practicality at an affordable price. While the app store limitations and slow charging may be considerations, its overall value makes it a noteworthy contender in the tablet market.


In the ever-evolving landscape of Android tablets, users are presented with a diverse array of options, each catering to specific needs and preferences. From the budget-friendly yet powerful OnePlus Pad to the versatile and entertainment-focused Samsung Galaxy Tab A8, there’s a tablet for every use case. The unconventional e-ink experience offered by the Onyx Boox Tab Ultra meets the demands of avid readers, while the productivity-centric Lenovo Tab Extreme stands out with its large 3K OLED display and stylus support.

Whether you prioritize multimedia, performance, or affordability, the Android tablet market has something to offer. The choice ultimately boils down to your specific requirements and how each device aligns with your daily tech needs. As technology continues to advance, these Android tablets exemplify the ongoing innovation, providing users with a range of options to enhance their digital experiences.

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